Wedding Decor Hacks

You have spent months trying to find the perfect venue that fits your style and budget and now you have FINALLY found it! There's just one problem---there are aspects of the venue that are dated. Or do you have a tight budget that does not give you enough wiggle room for decor? Don't worry! Below we've included some decor hacks to allow you to have the wedding of your dreams!

1. The venue is so large but you are looking for a more intimate setting.

What To Do: Use low centerpieces to bring your guests eye line down. You can define space by using furniture and draping. By defining a space, you can make the large space seem smaller and intimate.

2. Ceremony Decor

What To Do: For a chic and romantic feel, collect empty wine bottles for vases and grab lanterns from the dollar store. A coat of spray paint in the color of your choice will give you that high end look you want.

3. Ceremony Aisle

What To Do: We know flowers can be expensive or not in everyone's taste so instead of flowers use lanterns or mason jars to hang on chairs going down the aisle of your ceremony.

4. Wedding Signs

What To Do: You can find a decorative mirror at a craft or dollar store, spray the frame and paint the mirror in chalkboard paint. This is a much cheaper option as well as an elegant way to direct guests to different areas for your wedding.

5. The space has dated pieces they do not fit the theme or style you were looking for

What To Do: If your budget can allow it, chair rentals are a great option. In addition, chair covers can also be a great way to update the space. Working with a tight budget? Then choose specific pieces like at the sweetheart table.

6. Table Numbers

What To Do: You can be very creative with the table numbers! Mason jars, spray painted wine bottles, or even pictures of you and your husband can be a great way to display table numbers. You can use personal touches like important dates or memories that are important to you and name your tables after those memories.

7. The wallpaper is old and just all around terrible.

What To Do: Okay, so you cant tear down the venue's wallpaper but you can shift your guests focus by using moving images to the wall which also doubles as additional lighting!

8. Centerpieces

What To Do: You can get bargain books from the dollar store in your color scheme, frame your table numbers in some dollar store frames and complete the look with a simple floral like roses and baby's breath in a clear glass jar. Getting married around a holiday? Use mason jars filled with pine needles, water, berries, and a tea light.

Want a high centerpiece? Pick up a cheap tray, spray paint it in the color of your choice and then top with candles and baby's breath for a dramatic look.

9. Reception Decor

What To Do: Getting married outdoors or in a barn? Using string lights or paper lanterns can elevate the look of the space without costing a fortune. You can also use a hula hoop covered in greenery, flowers, or fabric and hang lights off of it and suspending it from the ceiling.

10. Dessert Display

What to Do: Cake display stands can be very expensive! To avoid this expense, glue a cake pan upside down to a candlestick. You can spray paint them to fit the color and theme of your wedding.

11. The space isn't big enough for two separate events

What To Do: This is a very common one and a very easy fix. If you love the space, you can still use it! You can "flip" the space by using the flowers from the ceremony in the reception and your chairs can be used as well!

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