How To Make Your Large Wedding Feel Intimate

Weddings are a major affair. Especially in my culture where you can have over 500 guests, lush floral, and vibrant colors. With these large affairs, it can be hard to make time for your guests and make your event feel more personal. Even if you consider yourself to be a social butterfly, finding that time to mingle with your long list of guests might be a bigger task than you originally though. Below I've listed some ways to make your large affair feel more personal.

1. Smaller Events

Having smaller events either before or after your wedding with groups of guests can help give you the intimate feel you were looking for.

2. Space

If you move your wedding furniture to the center of the room, it'll make the room seem smaller and more personal.

3. Lighting

Using a large variety of lighting can help create a more intimate wedding atmosphere. This can include uplighting, candles, or lanterns.

4. Reception Seating

Long tables can be a great way for guests to feel at a smaller dinner party if your reception space can accommodate it.

5. Low Centerpieces

Although your first thought might be high centerpieces for a large wedding, consider a low and lush floral option instead. This way guests are able to see one another and be able to carry on a conversation.

6. Greeting Your Guests

Although it may seem daunting with such a large wedding, taking the time to spend just a few minutes at each table to greet the guests allows for you as the bride and groom to interact and mingle with all your friends and family. It also allows for your guests to feel more involves and welcomed at your wedding.

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