Wedding Planning Mistakes

When planning your wedding, you are bound to make some mistakes. Today I've listed a few common mistakes to help you avoid them.

1. Be Our Guest

You are so excited to get everything done for your wedding. You've started looking into venues, save-the dates, and choosing your flowers. However, take a second and slow down. The first thing you should be doing is sitting down and compiling your guest list. Why? You don't want to put down a non-refundable deposit for a room that sits 100 to find out your parents have another 50 people they would like to invite. Once you have had this discussion with your significant other and your families, then you should move forward. Start thinking with your fiance about whether you're planning a small wedding or a large affair.

2. Someone Else Has Your Gown (Or Wedding Theme)

Instead of worrying whether someone will have the same dress or details as you think about how you can make a similar detail different. For example, if you see that someone you know has the same dress as you add personal details or accents to change yours like a brooch or a sash.

3. Wedding Colors

You were so set on your colors and you've ordered your flowers, bridal party gowns, and the tuxes. However, after spending some time on Pinterest you are beginning to feel a little differently. Don't worry! Instead of cancelling orders, find ways to add or subtract different things from your wedding. For example, if you've already chosen the color of your bridesmaids outfits think of ways to incorporate the color like adding a sash or a hairpiece to their ensemble.

You should feel free to rethink and redo any element of your wedding that you want.

Visit your florist and discuss changes to your bouquets and centerpieces—adding new florals in your arrangements will introduce a new color throughout the room. Same thing if you've already ordered the linens: Spice them up with bright table runners or overlays. If you decide you really can't live with it, chances are you can go back on your first choice, just remember it will have a cost. A good rule of thumb is that if you've already signed a contract or seen a proof, you will have to pay extra for any changes or additions you make. But if it's still relatively early in your planning process, don't be afraid to make the change. Please remember that you are getting married to your husband, not to your centerpieces.

4. Wedding Dress Shopping

It's the best day ever you've found the most amazing dress! But there's one problem--it is a little small. So you decide to order it a little smaller so it serves as motivation to make it fit.

Making a commitment to eat right and exercise is great when planning a wedding or trying to avoid gaining those newlywed pounds. However, crash dieting or doing something in an unhealthy way is not going to provide you the end result you're looking for.

Instead of losing sleep and weight, find a gown you love in your current size. If you're looking to work on your body during your engagement that's great but make sure your goals are manageable and you'll be more willing to stick to a routine.

5. Doing It All Yourself

I'm all for the go-getter bride. You're organized and want to accomplish all the trendy DIY Pinterest projects that you have saved to your inspiration board. However, I have to draw the line somewhere. You don't want to overdo it and I mean overworking yourself.

Instead of trying to manage multiple projects pick two (or three) that you are really in love with and put your resources (like your time and energy) towards that.

6. Overloading your Mom or Maid-of-Honor

Now that you've realized you can't do it all alone you decide to delegate some of the tasks. Most brides tend to delegate these things to their mom, sister, or maid-of-honor. A lot of the time, they are more than willing to help you.

No matter how worried you are, most wedding-day (and day-before) chores can be trusted to any competent adult. Before you hand your mom or maid of honor an enormous list of tasks, consider splitting jobs among a larger group of people—friends, cousins, aunts.

Or if your budget permits, hire a professional wedding coordinator for the final weeks of the wedding. They are professionals at making sure all your loose ends are tied up and having that extra set of hands will definitely be helpful.

7. Crying over the details

You've been planning your wedding for months and you have been on top of every detail. You pick up your itineraries and the color is a little off. Or the bouquets have a flower that you didn't request. The reality of the situation is--no matter how much you plan you are bound to have a few mishaps.

If something like this happens, the most important thing to do is ......are you ready for it? Take a deep breath and think: How important will this detail be to me in a year? If it's a serious problem, then yes, go ahead and deal with it but if its something minor then try to move on.

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