Creating Your Own Centerpieces

I'm so excited to be having a guest blogger! Sherin could have been an artist in another life. She paints, does some amazing calligraphy, and loves DIY just as much as I do! Sherin created these amazing verses that were displayed with her floral arrangements at her engagement ceremony. Lucky for us, she explains how she made these centerpieces below. Have you thought about creating your own centerpieces? Let us know in the comments below! Happy Planning! - Judy


When my husband and I were planning our engagement party, we wanted to make sure we had some personal touches and reflections of our relationship. Our florist designed beautiful wooden boxes to hold our centerpieces, we had our favorite candy on the tables, and my favorite part, we had hand drawn bible verses framed and placed on all the tables. They served as a statement piece on each table and a sweet keepsake for guests. They reflected what we prayed our life together would be like and they were also a way to invite friends and family to keep us in prayer.

What you will Need:

Paper (Scrap and Watercolor)

Watercolor Paints and Brushes


Black Markers (You’ll want different sizes to see how they write different fonts)


Picture Frames

How to:

1. Grab a Notebook and Collect Your Favorite Quotes and Bible Verse

Before you start, make a list of your favorite verses and quotes. I used a shared document online and my fiance and I gathered our favorite verses, especially ones that would emulate our new lives together. You’ll want a lot (depending on the amount of pieces you are making), and will want to keep the verses short for the sake of space on the paper.

2. Gather Inspiration

If it’s your first time hand lettering verses, I would suggest you start by gathering some inspiration. Googling or Pinteresting go A LONG WAY in formulating how you might want your verses to look (i.e. how you want to mix different font types).

3. Cut your Paper

Depending on your frames (if you are using them) and the size paper you got, cut the paper down to size. I suggest leaving a quarter inch on the edges that you can go back and cut down later, this gives you space to “mess up” on the edges. BUT make sure you do not put any important pieces or words on the edges, you don’t want to lose them!

4. Paint!

Don’t get to crazy here, you don’t need super fancy works of art, just a simple background. Since I did not paint pictures, I chose a simpler and cheaper watercolor set. It’s going to be covered by words, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. I like using streaks, or splattering paint to be a background. You can also just mix colors together. Don’t feel like you need to color the whole page! I suggest painting in 4-5 different styles with different colors (unless you have a specific color scheme), and then go back and choose your favorites!

5. Practice

While you wait for the paint to dry (this time varies depending on the paint and the paper you are using), PRACTICE. Using your scrap paper, map out each verse that you want to use, mix fonts, use different sized markers, see how you want to fit it on the page and, try adding cute designs on the sides. You do definitely do not want the first time you try to be with markers on your pretty pieces of art!

6. Write Your Verse

Once your paint is dry and you’ve found the designs you like, write your verse on top of the paint! Try this first on a piece of paper with watercolor that you might not like as much. This will allow you to get experience with the texture, see if the marker you chose writes on the paint and paper itself, and just to get practice. I just making A LOT and choosing your favorites

7. Optional: Frame

Once you are all done cut down your paper and place your finished picture in the frame of your choosing!

And like that, you’re all done! When I first made my verses, I invited some young family friends to paint with me! We had a blast. Consider making this a group activity or something to distract you from a long day of work or planning. Have fun with it!

I hope you enjoy!

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