Vendor Relationships

Are you planning a wedding or event and now a vendor who you initially were excited about has ghosted you? Maybe they are not being communicative? Then this blog post is for you.

Ideally, you hope that all your vendors are amazing and most of the time they are! However, occasionally, you may find yourself with a disappointing vendor. Below are some ways to deal with a less than desirable vendor.

Switch the Point Person

Find yourself getting annoyed or angry on the phone with a vendor? Maybe its time for your fiancee to deal with the vendor communication. If you decide to do this, make sure your fiancee is up to date with your communication with the vendor (or lack of).

Changing Your Point of Contact

So Tom at ABC DJ is not who he seemed at the beginning of your vendor relationship? Ask to speak with or deal with someone else at the company. If they aren't communicating as much as you would like or is hard to get a hold of it might be time to work with someone else. Most vendor companies would be willing to make this change.

Real Talk

We all know communication is key when it comes to building relationships and that's no different when it comes to your wedding vendors. If you find that you just are not seeing eye to eye with a vendor it is time to have an honest conversation about what is bothering you. You will be working with this vendor over a course of months and you want to make sure things go smoothly. You need to have a conversation about what to change and how it can be fixed to ensure you enjoy your wedding planning process.

Maybe It's Time For a Change

Had the "real talk" conversation and things haven't changed? Find out how much it would cost to break your contract and end your vendor / client relationship with them. Review the details of the contract and see if there is anything about leaving and getting your money back or see if there is a time frame you can leave so you don't lose your deposit. If you're close to your wedding, see how much it would cost for another vendor to take their place. Then you need to decide if it's worth spending the money to save you from frustration.

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