Tips for Wedding Welcome Bags

If you have a lot of out-of-town guests traveling to come your wedding then you might want to consider a wedding welcome bag! These are a super personal and sweet way to greet your guests and to thank them for making the trip. Below are some items that you should consider putting in your bag!

1. Water Bottle and Snacks

We all know amenities within a hotel room can cost an arm and a leg. That's why you should consider putting a water bottle and snacks in your welcome bag. You can even personalize it by putting a tag on the bottle. If the location is known for a type of snack or specialty you could even include this in your bag as well! Your guests will be thankful that they can snack and not have to worry about rising mini bar costs.

2. Wedding Itinerary or Schedule:

Your guests will be thankful to know what's going on during your wedding week / weekend. It's your decision about what events to let guests know about but they'll be happy to know ahead of time of what you have planned. Include a welcome letter with a link to your wedding website where they’ll be able to find all key information, like an event timeline, important locations, phone numbers for a "wedding contact" in case they have questions (assign this to a planner, honor attendant or relative—you're going to have enough on your plate already), as well as details about dress codes and any other must-know information.

3. Maps

Are a lot of your guests visiting the area for the first time? A map of the area with highlighted points of interest is a great way for your guests to not only explore but to also experience all the things you enjoy about the location. You can give suggested locations to visit like restaurants, parks, or landmarks.

4. Coffee or Tea

Coffee or Tea is a great way for your guests to decompress after your wedding reception the night before. If they decide not to use it that weekend, it'll be a nice keepsake for them to take back with them. It's practical and cost efficient as well.

5. A Special Kit

Don't let your guests regret that last glass of champagne. Create a special hangover kit, complete with Advil, Alka-Seltzer and Emergen-C to help them combat any morning-after ailments that might keep them from enjoying the rest of the wedding festivities.

6. Giving Them Out

If you have a room block in a hotel most of the time the check in desk will be more than happy to assist giving them out as guests check in. If this isn't an option assign this job to your planner, family members, or bridal party members to either pass out to guests at check in or if your able to put them in your guests' rooms before they arrive.

Your welcome bag is just one more opportunity to thank your guests. Include a thoughtful letter to welcome them and tell them how happy you are to be sharing your wedding day with them. A handwritten note is a very special touch or if you're short on time, at least sign each one in ink. And don't forget to give a quick rundown of the items you've included in your welcome bag or basket (especially if they have a good backstory).

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