Your Wedding Website

If you're getting married and have yet to create a wedding website you really should! Your wedding website is a great place for your guests to receive information that is not provided on your invitation. Trying to figure out what to put on your site? Below are some major things you'll want to include.

1. Adult's Only Invitation

Not having children at your wedding? This is something that you definitely want to include on your wedding website. Tons of couples have adult-only weddings but you don't want to say so on your invitation. (TIP: Address who is invited on envelope so instead of John Doe and Family it should be addressed to John and Sarah Doe). Your website is where you should state that your wedding will be adults only or if your providing childcare then your website would be where you would state that.

2. Transportation and Lodging

Keep this helpful information online. Your guests will be incredibly appreciative that you blocked off rooms for your wedding weekend. On your website, make sure to include all the information needed to reserve a room. If you have arranged transportation to and from the hotel, make sure you also include this information on your website.

3. Things To Do

Are you having a destination wedding or inviting a lot of out-of-town guests? If so, you might want to consider having a page on your site dedicated for things to do in the area. Your guests will appreciate having a tailored list.

4. Your Bridal Party

While it isn't necessary, you can also include the members of your bridal party. You can share photos, fun facts about your bridal party, how you met or how you're related.

5. Your Love Story

Your website is an excellent platform to write about the story of YOU. You can share all the cute details and include some adorable photos as well!

6. Social Media

Have a hashtag or a website for wedding photo sharing? You'll want to include this information on your website so your guests are aware of it prior to your big day.

7. A Place to Reach Out

You may want to consider having a contact form that can allow guests to get in touch with you directly in case they have any questions or need additional information.

8. Dress Code

If you have a specific dress code or attire for your guests you'll want to list the specifics on your website. If you write "black tie" the majority of your guests will know what that means. However, if you have a specific style or theme you'll want to list that and also give an explanation of what it entails.

9. Registry Information

Listing your registries on your website will be the easiest way for your guests to access it. If you decide to not have a registry you can also put that information here as well.


1. Exclusive Events

Having a separate ceremony or after-party that is only meant for close friends and family? This would be something to leave off the website. Unless it's meant for everyone, don't include it on a website that is accessible by all guests. Things can get confusing and people could also get hurt. These type of events should have their own individual invitations.

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