Even though it's September it's still relatively warm in New York so I thought what better theme to do than a tropical "aloha" party! If you have an upcoming birthday or shower an "Aloha" party might be one of the hottest ones you come across

I used these cupcake toppers as inspiration for my color palette. I decided I wanted to incorporate green, yellow, pink and black and white stripes. I wanted the black and white to serve as a muted tone so the brighter colors could really stand out and pop. These cupcake toppers were from Amazon and are super adorable!

Gift Bags

Depending on whether you're using this theme for a shower or a birthday party will really determine how you use these bags. This could be a fun prize bag or favor bag. I used chalk marker to write on the leaves & attached the leaves using double-sided tape. You could also use clothespins to attach the leaves!


I love details and pineapple cups are one of those amazing fun details that are on trend with your theme but aren't overwhelming. Your guests will love drinking out of these fun cups and also serve as a fun takeaway from the party!

These straws are also a fun detail! I used extra cupcake toppers and adhered them to the straws. Super fun and super colorful! Win, Win!

The Table

Personally, I didn't want to do flowers as the centerpiece for the table. Although, you could definitely opt for palm leaves and hibiscus. I wanted to do something different so I chose to do a balloon centerpiece and adhered tropical leaves all around it. I also wanted to do something that was bright was tie in to my theme so of course I was going to choose pink so it tied in with the flamingos on the plates.

The Dessert Table

Dessert stations shouldn’t be over the top to be effective. The less the better. Cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies are more than enough to keep your guests happy. I used pineapple cupcake toppers on top of the doughnuts to give it a more tropical flair.

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