Due to the nature of COVID-19 a lot of Spring and Summer couples have had to make the unfortunate decision to postpone their weddings. But to-be weds are also postponing their pre-wedding festivities as well such as bridal showers and bachelorette parties. If that's you, we're here to help.

We've put together a list of options for hosting a bridal shower or bachelorette party and still make the to-be wed feel special. While the in-person gathering might be scheduled for a later date, you can still plan a fun party for the soonlywed in the meantime and still follow the proper CDC guidelines.

First, make sure your guests are aware of the change in the plans. Send a note with an explanation to your guests letting them know the event is still happening just not in the original location. Next up is finding the service that best suits you whether it be Zoom, Skype, HouseParty or Facetime. There are a lot of different platforms you can use. Just make sure it's something that all of your guests would be able to access.

Get Your Friend's Partner Involved

Add a sweet surprise to any of these options by getting your friend’s partner in on the fun. They can surprise your friend with a sweet treat, or a bachelorette party sash. It’s a fun way to involve both members of the couple. Plus, it will make your friend feel extra-special.

Have Guests Send Cards and Gifts

Gift etiquette during the coronavirus pandemic might be difficult to navigate. If the shower has been postponed, it’s a best practice to purchase a gift for the new date.

However, it's still a thoughtful gesture to gift your friend to show your support during the virtual event. You can sign them up for a subscription box, mail something, or a give a nice gift card. Take time to choose a thoughtful gift your friend will appreciate, as they’ve had to reschedule so much.

For an added special touch, request each guest write a card or note that your friend can read during the online hang out.

Create a Custom Snapchat Filter

You can celebrate the to-be wed with a fun Snapchat filter. It's an easy, small way to make the celebration feel special. Guests can use the filter to post photos and videos to share to their social media feeds. Whether you design your own or use one that's already made, you'll make your soonlywed feel loved and appreciated.

Plan a Relaxing Spa Day

If your friends likes more of a quiet night at home, have the celebration reflect that. You can host a virtual spa night instead. Ask your guests to bring their favorite face masks, nail polishes, and eye patches to the meeting.

Emcee Computer Karaoke

If your bachelorette party involves a fun night town, consider hosting a karaoke night. You can use Youtube to get the music and lyrics for your guests. Lead the fun by hyping up your guests before they perform. It's a fun way to get everyone involved!

Play a Virtual Bachelorette Game

You can also break out a game for everyone to play. You can use a classic board game or card game to get everyone involved. You can even get a game for your party by using services like Let's Roam.

Lead a Cooking Class

Would your bachelorette party involve a cooking or paint class? You can still do this virtually. Find a recipe online and share it with the group prior to the party. You can lead the group through the recipe and then everyone can enjoy the dish afterwards as a group.

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