Thanksgiving Entertaining Essentials

If you're like me, you may be getting ready to host an intimate (COVID friendly) Thanksgiving celebration. Friendsgiving kicks off one of my favorite seasons: The Season of Gathering. I love this time of year and the way it makes me feel when I'm surrounded by people that I love and cherish.

Thinking back on all the year spent gathering, I can really say that each gathering holds a special place in my heart. From Friendsgivings with my circle of friends from college and church to our large yearly holiday gatherings with my big fat Indian family each gathering, I'm always looking for an opportunity to be surrounded by friends, family, laughter, and of course-- good food!

Although this year will look a lot different due to the size of the gathering, I hope you are opening your door (safely) and welcoming those friends and family. Today, I'm sharing all of my Thanksgiving entertaining essentials to help you host and set the table with ease.

  1. Disposable Plastic Plates Save yourself the time for clean up and use these disposable plastic plates found on Amazon. No one wants to be dealing with washing dishes when they could be hanging out with their friends and family. Just remember to rinse them off and recycle them.

  2. Wood Cake Stand Use this wooden cake stand to display your dishes!

  3. Thanksgiving Games Love that these come in a bundle with a great price point. Guaranteed to make your night more fun!

  4. Champagne Flatware This flatware is adorable and will be able to blend seamlessly into your holiday colorscape.

  5. Taper Candle Holder Elevate your table with these adorable taper candle holders.

  6. Thanksgiving Leftover Kit If you're like me you do not want to be digging through your cabinets to find tupperware sets. Save yourself the hassle and the headache by sending your guests home with these cute leftover boxes.

  7. Charcuterie Board Start your gathering celebration off right with this Charcuterie Board. It conveniently has serving tray, cheese cutting knives, and so much more!

  8. Edge Stich Table Runner I love a good table runner and this one has an amazing price point AND the versatility to be used for many different types of celebrations. It'll definitely become a staple at your table!

  9. Taper Candles These taper candles will set the mood for your intimate gathering of friends and family.

  10. Embossed Glass Drinkware These embossed glasses are great for serving cold drinks. Set them near a drink station to allow your guests to self-serve.

  11. Decorative Charger Plates I love that these charger plates are so simple but once on your table they elevate your whole tablescape. Just like the flatware, it blends seamlessly into the holiday season.

  12. Linen Napkins Not only will these linen napkins pair well with any form of tableware they are also functional and stylish.

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